Business Law

Starting a New Business in North Carolina?

At Roth Law Group, we use our business experience to guide clients as they turn their concepts into viable business opportunities. With years of experience helping clients with small business ventures, our attorneys have the legal knowledge and experience necessary to help you reach your business formation goals, create key agreements, and protect your Intellectual Property. This formation phase is a critical point in the story of your business. The right choices can strengthen a business’s chance of success, while the wrong choices can have unexpected disastrous consequences.

We can help you establish the business structure that is right for you. Whether it’s an LLC, LLP, Corporation or other small business organization, we can use our knowledge of North Carolina law to advise you on the most advantageous structure for your business. We can help you draft and file the paperwork, assist you in licensing matters, and advise you regarding commercial leases and commercial real estate.

We want to help you through this stressful time so that you can be secure and well-rested to run your business. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any given time, no matter how far you are along in the formation of your business. We are committed to the success and resilience of your business and provide the experience, foresight, and counsel to help you make the best choices for the future of your business.

As General Counsel, we can help you make sure that your contracts are well-drafted and that they provide you with the most protection possible. Let the experienced business formation attorneys at Roth Law Group help you with your legal issue by calling (919) 410-8107 for a free consultation.