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Commercial Litigation Lawyers in North Carolina

At Roth Law Group, the bulk of our commercial litigation practice involves actions arising out of business and commercial contracts in Raleigh and North Carolina. In a utopian society, all contracts would be followed by and every detail in the agreement would leave the two parties happy.

It is important to document every business transaction by properly drafting legal contracts. However, sometimes one party breaks an agreement that was bounded by the contract and transaction. The purpose of a contract is to formalize an agreement between two or more parties in a particular matter, but not all parties go through 100% with their agreements.

Many disputes arise out of failed agreements, meaning breach of contract. However, each case is unique and often these disagreements give rise to multiple causes of action. For instance, a breach of a software implementation agreement may give rise not only to a breach of contract action, it may include claims for breach of non-competition clauses, or perhaps third party claims against competitors who may have facilitated the breach of a defendant. It’s even possible that the manufacturer of the software itself could be held liable in the event that the product was defective.

At Roth Law Group, we devote the majority of our practice to representing clients in lawsuits in the Circuit Court of Cook County, North Carolina and the United States District Court for the Northern District of North Carolina.

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