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Business Fraud Attorney in Raleigh, NC

Business Fraud can take many forms. Breaches of contract or warranty, false representations, and almost any other type of transactional fraud fall under the broad category of business fraud. In the broadest terms, fraud occurs when someone intentionally deceives others for personal gain. Contact Roth Law Group to receive help on restoring your business to normalcy before you were victimized with fraud.

Business fraud cases can involve multiple people and complicated schemes aimed at deceiving the public, auditors, investigators, or others. Whether you are dealing with corporate fraud or commercial fraud, we can step in and fight back to receive compensation that you deserve.

At Roth Law Group we are devoted to prosecuting and defending the legal rights of individuals and small businesses, as either plaintiff or defendant. Proving fraud can be extremely difficult. To have a successful business fraud case, one must prove that the defendant purposefully set out to defraud the victim.

We provide the following legal services in matters involving Business Fraud:

– Bank fraud
– Breach of contract
– Securities fraud
– Business fraud
– Wire fraud
– Customs fraud
– Consumer fraud
– Tax fraud
– Insurance fraud
– Health care fraud
– Embezzlement

Whether you are dealing with identity theft, investors being defrauded, or being frauded at a car dealership, reach out to us for help. Contact Roth Law Group LLC today at (919) 410-8107 for a free initial consultation and to find out how we can ensure your business stays protected.