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Raleigh, N.C. Attorney, Karl W. Roth

The daily tasks of any company large or small are heavily dependent on contracts and business between other companies. Whether you are purchasing supplies, selling your services, employee relationships, or purchasing assets, etc., having specific contractual details helps ensure that every party gets what’s fair and resolves business disputes. Because contracts are so heavily dependent upon, it is imperative that all of the business contracts that you use fully protect your interests and goals so your business will succeed.

If a business transaction goes a awry and your business is not receiving the agreed-upon items from a contract, our law firm can help you fight for your rights. When your business cannot collect payments from your business partners or you are being sued over a contract breach of any kind, our law firm, Roth Law Group LLC, can represent you in court and get what you deserve.

By hiring an attorney to represent you in a contract dispute, it shows that you are serious about enforcing and protecting your rights. You prove that you will not be taken advantage of and will get what is fair. Our law firm is based in Raleigh and we take on clients in various contractual dispute matters all throughout North Carolina.

Our law firm has highly experienced contract law attorneys that take litigation very seriously and aggressively. We take care of contract disputes involving breach of contract and other issues such as violations of a non-compete agreement, failure to deliver goods or services, or failure to pay for goods or services provided so you don’t have to worry about these complexities of your business. Contact Roth Law Group at (919) 410-8107 for a Free Consultation Today and talk with a local, Raleigh, North Carolina attorney about how we can help your business.

Business Law

General Legal Counsel in Raleigh, North Carolina

Every business needs to complement its executive team with experienced legal talent. Roth Law Group attorneys are here to provide you with any services regarding business law. We know your business means a lot to you and want to understand all the aspects of your business so that we can help you in the best ways possible.

Our mission statement is to represent all business owners by navigating them through the rough waters of business litigation and guiding them to success. We provide legal services and strategy counsel to public and private companies, investors, owners, executives, and individuals.

We are attorneys who want to make sure we understand your business objectives and goals before we start providing you with legal counsel individualized to your business. We know what it means to be dedicated to your business. After all, we are a business as well. And just like you, we want to provide the best service we can to our clients.

Any contracts or any transactions can go awry at any time. Sometimes, making important business decisions without legal help from business attorneys could cost you your business. We don’t want you or your business to be misconstrued by anyone. Our attorneys make sure that we communicate with you often to make sure we are giving you the legal guidance you need at all times.

We make sure we are responsive in a timely-manner with every single one of our clients to help them identify risks and prevent legal battles before they arise. If you or your business are in need of legal assistance, please reach out to us today. Call us at (919) 410-8107.

Business Law

Raleigh, NC Breach of Contract Attorneys

A breach of contract is a failure, without legal excuse, to perform any promise that forms all or part of the contract. If you are being sued over a contract breach, signed a contract and received less than what was expected, or you are not receiving payment for a service given to another entity, you are in need of our firm, Roth Law Group.

Our Raleigh-based law firm can help you do the talking for you to enforce and protect your rights in any contract-related dispute. We represent clients throughout Raleigh and North Carolina that have had business transactions go wrong and will counsel your business decision to ensure your business has a prosperous future. We help our clients with attempting to resolve contract-related matters outside of the courtroom with a contract dispute settlement (a quicker and more economical solution).

However, if there is no intention of settling the dispute, we will of course pursue litigation and aggressively fight to protect your rights in whatever contractual issues you may find your business in. We always work with you to figure out the best action to take for your business and how to achieve the outcome you desire.

Our law firm takes care of everything for our clients from settling payment deadlines to filing lawsuits. Our contract law practice focuses on the following areas:

– Contract Disputes
– Failure to deliver goods/services
– Contract Violations
– Failure to pay for goods/services
– Other contractual issues

Whether you live in Raleigh or outside of the state, our contract law attorneys can represent any business that reside in the state or engages in business in Raleigh. Let the attorneys at Roth Law Group help you protect your business and personal interests. Call us today at (919) 410-8107 for a free consultation.

Business Law

Business Fraud Attorney in Raleigh, NC

Business Fraud can take many forms. Breaches of contract or warranty, false representations, and almost any other type of transactional fraud fall under the broad category of business fraud. In the broadest terms, fraud occurs when someone intentionally deceives others for personal gain. Contact Roth Law Group to receive help on restoring your business to normalcy before you were victimized with fraud.

Business fraud cases can involve multiple people and complicated schemes aimed at deceiving the public, auditors, investigators, or others. Whether you are dealing with corporate fraud or commercial fraud, we can step in and fight back to receive compensation that you deserve.

At Roth Law Group we are devoted to prosecuting and defending the legal rights of individuals and small businesses, as either plaintiff or defendant. Proving fraud can be extremely difficult. To have a successful business fraud case, one must prove that the defendant purposefully set out to defraud the victim.

We provide the following legal services in matters involving Business Fraud:

– Bank fraud
– Breach of contract
– Securities fraud
– Business fraud
– Wire fraud
– Customs fraud
– Consumer fraud
– Tax fraud
– Insurance fraud
– Health care fraud
– Embezzlement

Whether you are dealing with identity theft, investors being defrauded, or being frauded at a car dealership, reach out to us for help. Contact Roth Law Group LLC today at (919) 410-8107 for a free initial consultation and to find out how we can ensure your business stays protected.

Business Law

Commercial Litigation Lawyers in North Carolina

At Roth Law Group, the bulk of our commercial litigation practice involves actions arising out of business and commercial contracts in Raleigh and North Carolina. In a utopian society, all contracts would be followed by and every detail in the agreement would leave the two parties happy.

It is important to document every business transaction by properly drafting legal contracts. However, sometimes one party breaks an agreement that was bounded by the contract and transaction. The purpose of a contract is to formalize an agreement between two or more parties in a particular matter, but not all parties go through 100% with their agreements.

Many disputes arise out of failed agreements, meaning breach of contract. However, each case is unique and often these disagreements give rise to multiple causes of action. For instance, a breach of a software implementation agreement may give rise not only to a breach of contract action, it may include claims for breach of non-competition clauses, or perhaps third party claims against competitors who may have facilitated the breach of a defendant. It’s even possible that the manufacturer of the software itself could be held liable in the event that the product was defective.

At Roth Law Group, we devote the majority of our practice to representing clients in lawsuits in the Circuit Court of Cook County, North Carolina and the United States District Court for the Northern District of North Carolina.

Contact Roth Law Group LLC at (919) 410-8107 today for a free initial consultation and to find out how we can ensure your business stays protected.

Business Law

Raleigh, NC Business & Commercial Litigation Lawyers

Businesses often face complex disputes with other businesses which require an understanding of both the business issue and the industry of the client. Commercial litigation is a large category of litigation matters that consist of breach of contract, breach of employment contract, breach of non-compete agreement, breach of non-solicitation agreement. Business Litigation practice specializes in handling these complex disputes. At Roth Law Group, our lawyers put a great deal of effort into ensuring that each client receives a cost-effective resolution to their legal problems.

We have dealt with it all and it is important to note that our goal is to protect you to ensure your business is running as smoothly as possible. We offer skilled legal representation in many areas of the law.

Our law firm knows small businesses and will work with you to accommodate your needs.
We represent clients in a wide array of commercial disputes including:

– General business litigation
– Contract and joint venture disputes
– Breach of contract
– Business torts
– Breach of employee non-disclosure
– Breach of non-competition and non-solicitation agreements
– Disparagement and defamation
– False advertising

At The Roth Law Group, your needs are our greatest priority and taking the necessary steps to help your business succeed is our goal. Contact The Roth Law Group at (919) 410-8107 to talk with our knowledgeable commerical litigation attorneys about your legal needs and concerns.